Children’s Oral Health Care: Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Group of smiling children in AbbotsfordYour children’s oral health is important, and keeping teeth and gums healthy is crucial on so many levels. Recently, experts have discovered that children’s teeth might be able to help treat Parkinson’s disease and diabetes because of stem cells located in the pulp chambers of the teeth. Clearly, your child’s teeth are vitally important and the dental team at 7 Oaks Laser Dental Centre in Abbotsford, BC want to make sure your children’s oral health care is top notch.

Practicing proper oral health care

If you’re wondering when the right time is to start brushing your baby’s teeth, we have some tips for you. Regular dental cleaning should be done after your baby has their teeth. After you have breastfed or bottle-fed your baby, take a damp washcloth and softly rub your baby’s gums. To make cleaning easier, you can wrap the cloth around one of your fingers to remove all those food scraps from your baby’s mouth.

As soon as your baby’s first tooth comes, a baby toothbrush will be needed. You can easily find special children’s oral health care toothbrushes at your local drugstore. These brushes are gentle and have only a few bristles. You don’t have to worry about buying toothpaste, you’ll only need water to clean your child’s teeth.

Children’s oral health care experts have determined that when more teeth start to come in, that’s when toothpaste becomes necessary. You will only need a very small amount and be sure that there is no fluoride in the toothpaste for the first few years. A great exercise is to have your child pretend to spit out toothpaste after brushing – then they will have already formed good habits when it comes time to use fluoride toothpaste which is hazardous when swallowed.

For more questions or concerns about proper children’s oral health or your baby’s teeth, call or visit us at 7 Oaks Laser Dental Centre in Abbotsford!



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